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The secret

for a better life?

Know yourself and what you eat!


The Tool to Know Yourself

nosce te ipsum”

We are what we eat!

mycibus is the nutritional knowledge that take care of you in everyday life,
to optimize your personal food in perfect harmony with your natural world.

MyCibus Test Kit

Thanks to myCibus you will discover your metabolism and your nutritional needs. We will use a dedicated biological analysis kit that will


Taking care of your personal biological data, My Cibus will provide a digital tool to monitor your biometric data, to personalize your nutrition and guide your choices.

Personal Eat Coach

Our A.I: algorithm, with strategies built only for you, will help you to reach your personal goals that you planned before

How and where

MyCibus will offer you a clear vision of restaurants near you on the map, where you could find your personal food, that follows your taste and your needs.

MyCibus Network

Always around you

Do you know how to change an habit?

With another habit!

To know yourself to improve is not an instant process. You could need a little help. The awareness to feed your body following its real needs requires a great effort to listen to ourselves and find the right food that satisfies the soul and make you feel good. Technological innovation has realized the overcoming of the physical and mental barrier to guide us to a more free and happy society, that could help us to choose in a more appropriate way, without limit and geographic borders.

Find the perfect food wherever you are.

MyCibus Network

Consult MyCibus Ecosystem, from biometric data to meal booking service.

MyCibus Point

Find the restaurant or the food supplier and book the menu that is best for you

MyCibus Meal

Order the menu that you like directly from myCibus App

MyCibus Coin

Book and pay directly using EATcoin, the cryptocurrency of myCibus system